Las mejores canciones de Cliff Richard

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Recordando a uno de los grandes músicos de la música skiffle, rock and roll, pop y música cristiana. Sir Cliff Richard, OBE es un cantante, músico, actor y filántropo británico.

Canciones de Cliff Richard

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Lay Back in the Arms of Someone
Travellin’ Light
The Night
Devil Woman
The Young Ones
Unchained Melody
Mistletoe and Wine
Ocean Deep
Living Doll

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Some People
Miss You Nights
Move It
Wired For Sound
Do You Remember
The Millennium Prayer
Summer Holiday
School Days
Daddy’s Home

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Early In The Morning
Legata ad un granello di sabbia
Power To All Our Friends
Saviour’s Day
All My Love
A Misunderstood Man
Lucky Lips
A Little in Love
My Pretty One

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